Renovation, Renovation, Renovation

Date Published 18 May 2017

At the beginning of January, We Let Properties received a call from a very distressed landlord. He owns a big 2 bedroom property in The Regents Park Development in Salford as he had purchased the property in an auction without viewing it. The property was trashed, graffiti all over the walls, carpets ripped up, rubbish everywhere, no kitchen, broken windows, a landlord's nightmare!

The landlord was left with a shell of an apartment and he came to us for help. Our very own Wayne Eastman took this challenge on. For weeks he worked with the landlord and our team of contractors to completely refurbish the apartment. It needed new windows, repainting, carpets fitted, doors hung, a brand new kitchen and Wayne was there to see the process along the whole time to advise what was best for the property and for the landlord as ultimately he was looking at renting the property out at the best possible price to make up for the time and money he had lost!

A few months of hard work and effort was finally paid back to Wayne as he stood back in the living room and he saw a stunning, brand new and desirable apartment ready for the landlord and new tenants.Take a look at the picture for a glimpse of what it was like and what it is like now!
The landlord was amazed, he finally saw the light after a long time of darkness and he was more than happy that we managed to pull through.
The property was marketed well and furnished to a high standard on all of our normal property portals such as After 2 viewings it was snapped up at the full asking price by 2 very lucky applicants.

At We Let Properties we believe that with the right attitude, effort and service, any property can be someone's dream home/investment and there is no job too big.