imagine if you could rent a city apartment that was cheaper than a one bedroom apartment, but much, much better. That was specifically designed to reflect modern lifestyles. That could be customised to adapt to your own needs and personality. That was precision engineered to give you more, for less.

Driven by a purity of thought; abito is dedicated to the elimination of dead space. The central pod becomes the hub of the apartment, housing and hiding all the utilities to liberate space and create a circular walk that makes the flat live and breath every one of its 347 square feet. Physically there is a freedom of movement. Visually there are unhindered views in every direction. And the sturdy walls ensure that your freedom is private freedom. abito is about creating a living environment that is multifunctional, inventive and easy to live in. It's about quality not quantity.

From the outset abito had to transcend the existing ‘truths' that define current city centre apartments in order to achieve a special and unique living space. abito embarked on a Research & Development programme that started with a blank canvas and a mission to create an apartment for young professionals that embraces the needs of modern city living. This required us to perfect an apartment typology and use this to construct a building from the inside out, rather than starting with a building and then carving it up.

The resultant vision was then tested through the construction of a full size prototype which was used to refine and hone our ideas. We are proud of the abito this process has created and believe that it will enhance the lives of those that live in it and redefine the future of city living.

Abito Greengate - abito's unique innovation in city centre living is now complete and ready for you to move into. Sleek modern design, clever functionality and high-spec finish combine to give you the ultimate in affordable urban living.

Abito Greengate consists of 200 abito apartments and 56 larger abito+ apartments ranging in size from 588-641 sq ft. Once you've decided that abito is for you, we'll help sort everything out and make moving into your new home as easy as possible.