Lighting Up Greengate

Date Published 11 October 2019

Here at We Let Properties, we are massive fans of the Abito development so news of the regeneration of the Greengate area came as music to our ears!

If you've been down there recently, you'll see it's coming along nicely. There's a little work to do under the bridge still but, 'Greengate Square' as it's now called, is no longer the car park it was 18 months has been redeveloped into a fantastic outdoor space complete with lights, fountains, steel structures and a feature bridge designed to link the cities of Salford and Manchester! It will make a lovely outdoor seating area when summer comes back around, but in the meantime it really has improved the area. The fountains and lights create a water and steam effect which, combined with the steel towers, are designed to create a scene reminiscent of the time when the area was heavily industrialised.

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Photograph courtesy of Makin Bespoke