It`s Like `Trip Advisor` For Agents!

Date Published 15 October 2012

Everyone knows, when you're booking a holiday, you check out the hotel on Trip Advisor first and see what people have to say about it. We understand that everyone has different expectations and experiences but it still helps guide us and gives us a piece of mind we're staying in the right place with the right people. There's nothing worse than rude staff and unhelpful locals.

So surely, when choosing a new home (or an agency to let your property!), the fact that you'll be speaking with the agents for at least 6 months means you should put the same effort into researching the agency that is looking after the property?

Well now you can... is an independent review site on which landlords/tenants/vendors/purchasers can share their experiences of letting/estate agents to help others make the right choices. It's the property industry version of Trip Advisor!

Some agents (like us!) will have registered themselves on the site, and will pro actively invite their customers to share their experiences. Others, will have been registered by a customer, and some will not yet be registered. The great thing is that it's an open forum, which everyone can see, no one can hide, and agents can respond publicly to all their customers.

At We Let Properties, we think the people at allAgents are doing a great job and the site should put an end to the age old "testimonials" pages which are written and controlled by the agents themselves. We hope it catches on soon and that everyone takes the time to share their views and make the industry much more transparent!

Check out our review page here!