Embracing The Manchester Rain

Date Published 17 October 2012

Here in Manchester, we get plenty of stick about our unpredictable weather, proudly sporting the nickname `the rainy city` there's even a popular bar in the City Centre aptly named Rain Bar!

But did you know, it's nothing more than a myth?!

A quick consultation to our trusty friend Wikipedia and we see that in actual fact Manchester's average annual rainfall of 806.6 millimetres is actually LOWER than the UK average of 1,125.0 millimetres! Not only that, but our mean rain days at 140.4 per annum are a whopping 14 days LESS than the UK average!

At We Let Properties we don't mind the rumours. If it gets people talking about Manchester then it's fine by us. And when it does rain, we're well prepared with our corporate brollies!