Apt Apps

Date Published 21 January 2013

At We Let Properties we love our Apple Products. We are all ‘Mac'd out' and believe the late, but great, Steve Jobs is our saviour! So I thought it would be fitting to release our official We Let Properties top 5 Property Apps available on the iTunes App Store:

5. CrumbTracks - £1.49
Although it is designed for an American market (it uses the word ‘realtor' a lot) CrumbTracks has a lot of good features. If you are planning on buying or letting a new apartment or house, such as this little beauty, and seem to forget the pros and cons from each one you go to, this handy little app keeps them all in your pocket! Take a picture of the exposed brickwork or make a video of the walk through the open plan living area and save each property as you go along. Find the exact location on your map and work out where the nearest supermarket is or the school you want your kids to go to. It doesn't really cater too much for the lettings market but still offers a good way to help you decide between your next home or if you need to describe the best and worst features of a property to your flat mate.

4. Crown Colour Match - Free
Does what it says on the tin! So you are a bit bored of the white walls in your apartment and want to inject a bit of colour? Your best friend has an awesome feature wall but you have no idea what colour it is. Simply take a picture and Crown Colour Match with match it to one of its 3000 different colours (you will be amazed at how many shades of Razzmatazz Pink there are!). Now where do I get it from? Crown Colour Match will guide you to your nearest Crown dealer, the only thing it won't do for you is pay for it! (Always ask permission from your landlord/agent before painting any walls in your rental property.).

3. Rightmove - Free
This list would not be complete without a Property Portal App and Rightmove is definitely our favourite, we all have it on our main page!
This is perfect app to search for the apartment you want to rent with your partner or the house you want to buy to let out (with We Let Properties). You get to search the biggest bank of properties available with definable search criteria to fish out the ones suited to your requirements. You can view the property pictures, contact the letting agent and arrange a viewing direct from the App! The Rightmove App hasn't steered us wrong yet and with each update just keeps giving and giving.

2. Google Maps - Free
It may seem a bit obvious but let's face it, where would we be without our Google Maps? Without the App that tells you, who knows?! I don't need to tell you how to use it, you all know its features and you would be lost without it (I will stop with the puns now).

1. We Let Properties – Our Favourite!
Ok so we don't actually have an app specifically but our website is fully iPhone compatible and very easy to use. We list all of our available properties on there, we have lots of fantastic information and of course you can keep updated on these amazing blogs!

So there you have it, We Let Properties' guide to Property Apps (and iPhone friendly websites). When you get chance after a good few hours of Angry Birds, give them a chance and give us your feedback!