, we have steadily expanded our skills, portfolio and our staff....">, we have steadily expanded our skills, portfolio and our staff....">

Woof Let Properties!

Date Published 17 January 2013

As you can understand, due to our growing success as one of Manchester's best letting agency as rated by, we have steadily expanded our skills, portfolio and our staff.

Not too long ago we welcomed Matthew Taylor on board but soon after we found we needed another member of staff to keep up the high level of service we strive to provide.

It was pure chance that a very good friend of the company was walking by and overheard our calls for a new member of staff. After a brief chat with him we booked in an interview.

At We Let Properties we have to make sure the staff we hire have an exceptional attention to detail, provide a thorough and friendly service and are experts in the field of lettings. Bailey was exceptional! He was a bit quiet at first and seemed more interested in the squirrel outside but he was probably nervous.

Bailey joined the team and works very closely with the director. He's having a bit of a problem with the phones, of all his amazing traits, having thumbs is not one of them, so we have decided he is the best man to ‘sniff' out solutions to problems, ‘dig' for answers and ‘paw' his way to a great service.

Next time you are out and about Manchester City Centre and see a fluffy, black, Lhasa-Poo in a We Let Properties red tie, give him a pat on the back (or a tickle behind the ears; he loves that!) and rest assured He and the team are managing your property better than anyone else in Manchester.