The Best Of The Best Of The Best...

Date Published 02 May 2012

As you are aware, all the staff at We Let Properties are proud of the fact that we offer an outstanding service to all of our tenants and landlords. The success of this business is due to the care, attention to detail, emotion and productivity of an awesome team. Individually we all have our strengths...

Wayne is The Talker, from sitting across from him every day you get to hear is impressive speeches layered with catch phrases such as ‘The 5 P's: Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance' and ‘Ormskirk, born and FLED'. Along with these comes an abundance of experience and knowledge of the investment property market which is sure to help when he is giving his sound advice to our prospective landlords.

Emma is The Perfectionist, carefully selecting the best tenants for all of our properties to ensure that the properties are well looked after and the landlords have no hassle during the tenancy. She also likes to make sure that We Let Properties are polished, professional and proactive. Crossing the T's and dotting the I's is what makes We Let Properties stand out from the rest.

James is The Glue, making sure all the knowledge, experience, detail and products are all in line and everything runs smoothly. For a new tenant to move in to a new home or a maintenance issues to get resolved involves ‘The 5 P's' and a polished, professional and proactive service, carefully combining the best qualities of We Let Properties to create outstanding results. – He also has a knack of writing great blog entries!

Individually we could not be as successful as we are today, together we are unstoppable!

have introduced a ‘Top 10 Best Rated Staff Member' on the front page of their website, ranking the staff from estate and letting agents across the UK. Wayne, Emma and James are currently sat firmly in the top ten and intend to stay there!

James Glenn