Perfect Apartments For The City Centre Professional At The Start Of Their New Career!

Date Published 19 March 2012

At We Let Properties we seem to attract employees of The Bank Of New York Mellon. Up to now we have re-homed almost 50 employees in and around Manchester city centre. One of the most recent was a gentleman named Sam.

Sam had not started working at BNY Mellon when he came to us to find him a property in the city centre in February. He was due to start work on the 21st of March so we had to work pretty fast to find him the right apartment.

He was interested in a studio apartment in the ever popular Green Quarter development. We sent over some pictures and a detailed description and he called straight back wanting a viewing as soon as possible and two days later he was meeting Emma outside the main entrance to Jefferson Place.
This was going to be Sam's first apartment for himself so he has to find the right place. We think that he was already 95% sure he was going to move in to this one we had for him. We feel that the right pictures, description and knowledge of a property are very important when marketing. We want to make sure that the applicant is viewing a property that already ticks the majority of the boxes and the viewing is to confirm everything.

Sam took the lift to the higher floors in Jefferson Place with Emma, walked in to the apartment to find a fantastic sized studio apartment, finished to an extremely high spec with and incredible view from the balcony! Sam knew that this was the right apartment for him the moment he walked through the door. The administration fee was paid and Sam had secured his new apartment.

Over the next few weeks we worked over his referencing documents and everything looked fantastic. Dealing with Sam was a delight, he was helpful and we really got a good impression from him. He provided all the documents we needed, answered all questions we needed the answers to and we were very confident that this was the right tenant for the property

After confirming everything had passed we booked a check in appointment for Sam to collect the keys to his new city centre apartment.

Sam arrived perfectly on time and we cracked on with the appointment. We do have a lot of paperwork to go through and we make sure we cover everything before the tenant leaves the office. There is nothing worse than getting to a new apartment and not knowing what is what like;

โ€˜How do you turn the heating on?'

โ€˜What is the code to the post room?'

These were all answered on the appointment and Sam received the keys in his hand knowing everything he needed to move in to his new apartment.

Just before he left the office, I explained to him that we would be doing a blog update and would like to take a picture of him receiving the keys from us, after a slight hesitation he agreed. Emma whipped out the camera, we both sported a cheesy grin (me more than Sam) and โ€˜click' the picture that you see on your right was taken. We shook off the embarrassment and Sam went off to his new home...

...Another day, another happy BNY Mellon tenant from We Let Properties.

James Glenn