We Let Properties, our whole team have a common hobby and that's property...."> We Let Properties, our whole team have a common hobby and that's property....">

Passionate About Property!

Date Published 23 October 2012

Whether it be model trains, stamp collecting or just pottering about in the garden, we all have something that captures our interests and develops into a hobby. At We Let Properties, our whole team have a common hobby and that's property...

Wayne invested in property from a young age and uses the experience he's gained from letting and managing his own property portfolio, alongside the time he's spent working for major City Centre estate & letting agents, to guide the morals behind We Let Properties. If you want advice on what properties to buy and where, then Wayne's your man...he'll tell you straight away if the yield on the one bedroom apartment in the Northern Quarter is going to stack up and if not, lead you in the direction of the two bed apartment in Castlefield that will have the tenants queuing round the block!

Emma is the dreamer, with the intention of buying and renovating at least 3 properties in the next five years, the bookcase in her apartment could be mistaken for the property development section in the local library. She fancies herself as a bit of a Sarah Beeny, in fact when Sarah herself followed the We Let Properties twitter account we couldn't wipe the smile from Emma's face for days! It was this love for property, inspired by programmes such as Property Ladder and Grand Designs, that led Emma into the Manchester City Centre lettings industry right in the boom of the market in 2006. Together Wayne and Emma are our very own Phil & Kirsty!

If there is a problem with your property you know you can rely on James. The man with the know when it comes to maintenance and property management. Whether it's getting a boiler fixed within 12 hours or re building a bathroom that was leaking James will conduct his contractors in a way to get the best job for the best price! His passion is giving a good service to tenants and landlords and that means buzzing around Manchester on his bright red scooter to help out! He loves getting out and about to all the City Centre developments for his inventories and property inspections and checking out all the different styles of apartments. If James gets a spare minute, you can always find him checking out Rightmove to see what's new on the market!

And then there's Matt, the final piece of the We Let jigsaw! As he describes in his own post last week (if you missed it read it here), our newest member shares our interest in the property industry and we couldn't be more delighted.

All in all, it's this passion for property throughout our company that helps us stand out from our competitors. We all come to work every day, loving what we do, determined to provide the best service we can to all of our clients. Can you say that about the staff at your current agent?