My Washing Machine`s Broke!

Date Published 16 August 2022

One of our biggest maintenance issues is that the washing machine or washer dryer is not draining and not spinning. 9 times out of 10 this is caused by a blockage in the filter which can easily be remedied.

When clothes are washed, inevitably, dirt, dust and debris is washed away down the pipes. So if you left pennies in your pocket they would end up being washed away and travel through the pipes of the machine. This, as you can imagine, could cause problems such as blocked pipes or internal damage so a filter is installed which is there to collect dust, dirt and any large items, such as coins, hair grips or clumps of paper. If this filter isn't cleared out at least once a month the machine will not drain and will not spin, sometimes you will receive an error message.
Here is your ‘How To':

1. Before removing anything from the machine, make sure it is unplugged or switched off at the mains.

2. Usually there is a square or round flap to the front of the machine in the bottom left or right corner. Inside there is a cap which holds the filter.

3. Before opening this cap, make sure you put some towels down to catch any water that will spill out.

4. Turn the cap and remove the filter. It will probably be clogged with fluff and hair and will not look to pleasant, man up! and give it a good clean.

5. Check inside the hole for any more fluff or larger items such as coins.

6. Once you have cleaned the filter, screw the cap back in, plug the machine back in and everything should work. You may have to reset the programme to get it started again.

7. If this does not resolve the issue, call our office on 0161 839 2372, press option 2 and we will instruct our contractors to attend.

At We Let Properties, each time a tenant of ours reports a faulty washing machine we ask them to check their filter, the main reason for this is that if our maintenance contractor was to attend and found that the filter needed cleaning the cost of the call out would fall to the tenant and we would not want this to happen if it could easily be resolved.

There is also a step by step guide on You Tube explaining, in 720p HD, exactly how to clean your filter.

Another helpful site is which, as the name suggests, has probably every manual you would need for all the appliances in your home! It is really useful for troubleshooting problems that could easily be resolved without incurring a cost.