Lettings Royalty

Date Published 20 February 2013

Did you know that 3 of our staff are officially the 4th, 3rd and 2nd best rated letting agents in Manchester!? That's pretty good considering that retrospectively we are a small company compared to most in Manchester City Centre. Also, I am very proud to say that yours truly is at the top of the pile at We Let Properties. Not that I'm blowing my own trumpet!

Our hard work, exceptional service and commitment is finally getting noticed and praised and if you don't believe me then have a look for yourself: www.allagents.co.uk

AllAgents.co.uk is an independent review site which really shows an agent's true colours. Landlord and tenants give their opinions and rate the service they have received. Up to now we have all 5 star reviews from very happy customers and we are constantly building on this.

If you are a tenant looking to move in to a new home or a landlord looking to rent your apartment out then make sure you do a bit of research for the best agent in your area. Currently ranked NUMBER 1 in Manchester City Centre proudly sits We Let Properties, knowing we are offering the best service in Manchester.