Halloween Horror Story - A Tale Of Terrible Tenants

Date Published 31 October 2021

Gather round, you don't want to miss anything that I am about to tell you. This is a story about an innocent new landlord, the terrifying facts of not using a letting agent to let out his home and the bone chilling happenings that fell before him!

Simon bought a lovely 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment in Manchester City Centre. With stunning views from the 13th floor and ample space, apartment 6.66 would be most people's dream apartment. Soon to become a nightmare!
This property was an investment for Simon; a different type of pension. He was looking at renting it out and making a bit of money to secure his future. Simon didn't need to bother with letting agents, he had confidence in himself that he could do it all the right way so he put his property details on Gumtree:


The enquiries came through gradually and a viewing was made with a Mr G. Host on a stormy, wet evening and after an awkward viewing the applicant wanted the property but he wanted to bring the price down! With no knowledge of the current market and value of his property he agreed to a ยฃ60 decrease in the rent! *insert crashing thunder*
Simon had a tenant for his property, he agreed to move him in on the last day of October as requested by Mr G. Host specifically.
Armed only with a make shift, 2 page tenancy agreement he copied from the internet, he met the applicant on All Hallows Eve at Midnight, or โ€˜The Witching Hour' as the applicant advised Simon! Mr G. Host forgot to bring the cash for the first month's rent but promised it would be paid first thing that morning and as a trusting landlord Simon agreed to hand the keys over!

Two weeks passed and still no rent, even after phone conversations, emails and texts, that first month's rent was never paid! On top of this Simon was getting complaints coming through from the management company about screaming and shouting coming from the apartment. He decided to pay the tenant a visit. He pops round one morning, knocks on the door and it creeks open. He looks through to the hallway and dirt, clothes and the stench of burning flesh! He hops over the mess and makes his way to the living room, the door is open and he finds all of his bespoke Dwell furniture has been thrown out! The crisp white walls were now covered in black marker and graffiti, the brand new plush cream carpet was stained and burnt and all around there was an un godly mess with no tenants to be found! The kitchen was riddled with cockroaches and other crawling nasties, two huge rats fight over a rotting carcass. All the top of the range Siemens Kitchen appliances including the oversized American Fridge Freezer had been ripped out and in their place stood empty takeaway boxes. The landlord, breaks down in to tears at the disgust and shock of what he finds. He runs out of the apartment screaming!

The moral of the story is, avoid your letting nightmare by calling We Let Properties today!

Just like 'TOWIE' the story you have read here is real, although some of what we've written has been exaggerated just for your Halloween reading entertainment!