Buy Buy Buy!

Date Published 18 January 2013

There has been an increase in landlords expanding their property portfolios. Recent data has shown that almost a third of landlords bought new buy-to-let properties in 2012, which is great news!
As you probably know, the demand for rental properties is huge, I estimate, based on the amount of enquiries and applications we receive, that for every property on the market there are 5 people wanting to move in to it. This is mainly due to the difficulties first time buyers' face. Whether it is saving up for the deposit or the banks unwilling to lend the amount of money needed, it is definitely not an easy process. More information can be found at

In 2012 We Let Properties have helped 12 of our landlords to invest in properties, helped them to renovate them and bring them up to a great standard and maximise their yield. Through 2013 we want to continue this work and are more than willing to help any landlord looking to expand their portfolio.