Blast From The Past

Date Published 06 February 2013

As I am sure our avid We Blog fans will remember, around this time last year I introduced you all to a tenant of ours called Sam. He was set to move in to a beautiful property in Jefferson Place and I told you all about him, his job and his move. He and I were a little bit embarrassed about taking the picture, I sprung it on him a bit but we both got over it.

Sam works at The Bank of New York Mellon, he started his job just as we moved him in to his new home back in March last year and yesterday marked his 11th month in the property and I noticed he had a renewal appointment booked in the diary for him to extend his tenancy for a further 6 months. I thought to myself โ€˜this is definitely a We Blog opportunity!'

So I had it all set up, I had his tenancy extended, his agreement printed and our We Let Properties penslined up. He was set to come in at 17:00. I'm waiting, I'm ready, tick-tock... 17:03 and the bell rings. I open the door to find Sam, absolutely drenched through from the awful rain even though he had only walked a short distance from Spinningfields to our city centre office! We welcomed him in, he sat down and we begun.

He told me that he is really enjoying his job, loves the apartment and has been impressed with We Let Properties as his managing agent. Perfect, now is the time to tell him I'm going to be writing another blog about him and I need a picture.

'So you've been with us for a year now, do you remember I did a blog about you way back when and we thought it was really funny and embarrassing to have a cheesy picture taken? Do you fancy doing it again as a โ€˜1 year on' sort of thing?' โ€“ I said as he signed his tenancy agreement.

He popped his pen down, looked at me as a droplet of water fell from his nose and told me:

'As long as you don't want a picture?'

To be honest soon as he walked through the door I knew he wouldn't want one, I told him this was fine and he was happy for me to do a blog.

Sam is a great tenant of ours and upon our periodic property checks we have found he is really looking after the apartment. We wish him all the best in his job and in the property. We also hope we are writing a new blog next year about him renewing his tenancy again.