Be Prepared For The Worst!

Date Published 22 October 2012

The leaves have fallen from the trees and the nights are getting's the time of year that for landlords, the words 'frozen pipes' 'no heating' and 'broken boiler' bring more of a chill than the temperatures outside....winter's here!

Last weekend alone, our property management team had 3 reports of boiler malfunctions, from no hot water to complete loss of power. Not good for us, never mind the landlords that have to pay the bill. Depending on the age of your property, we've found there's some pretty good care packages out there which can ease the pain of maintenance costs should the worst happen and your boiler fail.

British Gas have a great range of landlord products and Homeserve also have tailored products to protect you boiler and central heating as well as electrical and plumbing!

Don't get caught out this winter, do your research and decide if a care package is right for your property!